Executive Summary:

“SENSUALITY” is a new company in the fragrance industry that has created a brand concept that is uniquely rich to satisfy the needs of middle aged women in the society.

Over the years perfumes and colognes have been an essential part of human fashion, people feel confident when they get compliments from their peers/friends because they emit nice body scent which is as a result of the perfume they wear.

In recent times it has been observed that harsh perfumes made with (synthetic chemicals) causes health problems- allergies, headaches etc. to certain individuals with and without their knowledge.

Because of this health implications we have taken the initiative as a team of business oriented individuals to come up with our product “SENSUALITY” which is an organic/natural product, to ensure safety whiles you emit a sweet body scent that builds your confidence and gives you the feeling of pleasure.

“SENSUALITY” is a brand that seeks to establish confidence amongst middle aged women, within the age of (46-64), it also aims at promoting the feeling of pleasure, confidence and youthfulness. Like the famous saying goes – “there is nothing as sexy as a confident woman and there is nothing as beautiful as a sexy woman. We want every woman to feel sexy in a natural way whiles evoking a nice scent by providing them with a value base product at a premium price.

Our implementation plan will be carried out in two parts; – production and marketing, selling of the product. In preparation for production we plan to team up with the best research scientist to ensure a safe and healthy product for our customers by testing the products on animals before distributing them to our end users/ prospective customers.

In marketing and selling our product we plan to hire knowledgeable sales people and using the most appropriate distribution channels suitable for the success of our product as well as different mediums to create awareness in the market.

As the perfume industry becomes more competitive and value is placed in the minds of our potential customers, it is expected that standards be increased. We believe “SENSUALITY” will become very popular choice amongst middle aged women. We also strongly believe this will prove to be a very profitable investment in the perfume industry.


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