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For our distribution plan we have chosen three major perfume distributors all operating in Canada and the United States to get our product to the store shelf. The first is Kiavash Enterprises Inc. Kiavash is the official sole distributor of luxury perfume brands in Canada. They have more than ten years of successful experience in distribution of different high quality brands of perfume, including Teo Cabanel, Hors La Monde, and Amouage. Kiavash is based in Toronto and distributes the brands it represents to Toronto, Montreal, Edmonton, Vancouver, Winnipeg, Hamilton, Thornbury, and Sylvan Lake. They have plans to begin distributing to more locations in the near future. Our second distributor is Perfume Price Wholesale Perfumes, operating out of Pompano Beach, Florida. Perfume Price Wholesale Perfumes is a reputable distributor who handles well-known brands such as Gucci, Dolce and Gabbana and Lacoste. As you can see on their website Perfume Price Wholesale Perfumes sell to anyone from small end retailers, private sellers, other wholesalers and some retail chains. Our third distributor is ET Perfumes. ET Perfumes is a wholesaler distributor of brand name perfumes located in Miami, Florida. Like Perfume Price Wholesale Perfumes, ET Perfumes is a reputable distributor with a competitive strategy based upon bring the retailer added value in their supply chain by holding desirable inventory at competitive pricing and providing exceptional customer service.


Our product will be sold at both large and small retail outlets. In Canada, some of the large stores we would like to see our perfume in are The Bay, Sears, Holf Renfrew, and London Drugs. In the U.S market we would like to get our product onto shelves in Macys, Kohl’s, Nordstrom, and Bloomingdales. We would also like to see our product sold in some smaller retail outlets and/or speciality shops (i.e. salons, boutiques, etc.).





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